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Traditional Thai Massage in Manchester

Get a skilled and professional traditional Thai massage in Manchester from Nattaya and her qualified and friendly staff.

Authentic Thai massage carried out by a genuine Thai masseuse/therapist is the best way to relieve pain, ease muscle aches, improve blood flow, de-stress and relax. If you are visiting Manchester and in need of relaxation there is no better place to go. All this and competitive prices mean that Nattaya Traditional Thai Massage just has to be your first choice in Manchester.

Telephone Nattaya now on 0161 795 5649 or, 07961 978054 and email for an appointment.

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What is Traditional Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai Massage is a very ancient system of healing and maintaining good overall health. Thai massage therapy combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching and meditation. Traditional Thai Massage is well known to release tension, increase vitality and create feelings of well being.

For those people familiar with Thai Massage Therapy, you won’t need convincing about the many benefits to your well-being; all we can add is that the Nattaya Traditional Thai Massage Therapy Centre will enhance your professionally administered massage with the following:


  • Your choice of free complimentary drinks, from Tea and Coffee, to wine and spirits.

  • Crisp clean white towels.

  • Personal unused slippers for every customer.

  • Spacious shower facilities with luxury soaps and gels provided.

  • Ample toilet facilities

  • Traditional Thai music piped throughout the building.

  • Spacious comfortable seating areas in which to relax before and after your massage experience.

  • Clean white robes for use when showering.

  • Numerous authentic Thai art and goods for sale, including all therapeutic and remedial oils & lotions.

  • Rooms decorated and maintained to the highest of standards.

  • Last but not least; friendly staff who are always on hand to talk you through the merits of each type of massage, and what may be best for you.


If you are unfamiliar with Thai massage then we would wholeheartedly recommend that you at least try once, as we are sure you will be suitably impressed with the whole experience.  Whilst details of individual types of massage are given on our “About Nattaya’s Massage” page, we will attempt to explain here the basis of Thai massage in its simplest form.  Properly trained Thai massage therapists have an in-depth knowledge of how our bodies are put together; how bone connects to sinew, and muscle to tendon, and how our blood flows to every extremity of the body. Understanding this complex maze of tissue, enables the masseuse/therapist to manipulate aching and underused muscles in a way that walking from the fridge to the sofa could never achieve.  No two massages are the same, as the masseuse/therapist will apply different techniques and levels of strength to suit the individual person, depending on many factors such as age, size, previous injuries etc, and of course the recipients personal preferences. So, following a brief initial consultation with your masseuse/therapist, your massage can be as rigorous or as soft as you like, with the option to adjust as you progress.

All with the aim that you walk out the door with a new found spring in your step!

FREE Parking Only 60 Metres from shop – See Contact & Notices page for details.